Horizon and GDPR

Optimize your business and be better prepared to be GDPR compliant with HORIZONs new features


  • Userrole management.
  • Deletion of customer data according to GDPR.
  • Locking of journals to users who do not need access.
  • Administration of user setup and login.


  • Journalentry.
  • Direct ordering from HORIZON to glass and lens suppliers.
  • Appointmentcalender and webbooking.
  • Sending of serviceletters, advertising via SMS, e-mail or letters.
  • Expedition with invoice on e-mail, both to customers og 3rd parties.
  • Maskinintegrations og integrated Efron Grading feature.

Horizon linsekort

Selection of functions:


  • • customer database
  • • Handling of requisitions by a customer folder
  • • Advertising and follow-up letters
  • • Managing Yes / No advertising
  • • Distribution of the letter follow via E-mail, SMS or letter
  • Appointments:

  • • Appointment calendar - Management of customer appointments
  • • Webbooking
  • Optic:

  • • Eyeexamcard
  • • Lens card with lens validation and efron measurements
  • • Journalization of your customers
  • • Integration to optical instruments
  • HORIZON Efron grading
  • Order:

  • • order Management
  • • Direct order from the supplier through HORIZON
  • Inventory:

  • • Inventory management, with associated photos
  • • Loans
  • • Status
  • Sale:

  • • Handle invoice to the customer and 3rd party
  • • Invoice can be sent via e-mail
  • Finance:

  • • ERP system with integration to E-conomic
  • • Integration with paymentterminals

Backup og safety of your data is part of the HORIZON 'package'

  • Automatic backup every day.
  • Data secured in the cloud in a professional setup.
  • Dataloss prevention in case of fire, water damage, server breakdowns, etc.
  • Secured data can be restored from the past 6 days.
  • Daily monitoring, ensuring that your backup solution is running.
  • Yearly recovery check on secured data.

SMS service

  • SMS service.
  • SMS reminders via your appointmentcalendar, so the customer is reminded about the coming appointment.
  • Save money on postage.
  • Send service messages.
  • Send follow-up messages.
  • Effective and easy customer follow-up, saving time in the business.
  • Possibility for 2-way SMS.

HELPCENTER og support

  • HORIZON has a built-in HELPCENTER, providing quick help and guidance.
  • The Supportdepartment are always ready to help you further.
  • Read more about HELPCENTER and support.
Remote support
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