You are always welcome to contact our Supportdepartment, who are ready to help you.

  • Support is included in all HORIZON packages.
  • Support is your life-line, if you are stuck and need help.
  • We are ready to answer your questions.
  • We are ready to help 6 days a week.
  • Support can be contacted via e-mail, chat, or by phone.
  • Support will also direct you to guides and FAQs, providing help at your own pace.
  • Wish to read the Support Agreement? Click here.

The Supportdepartment are always ready to help. The following can be purchased additionally, and is not part of the Supportagreement.

Billed on an hourly rate - Billed for every half hour - We are always ready to help.
  • Hardware/network troubleshooting, training and corrections.
  • Training in the use of HORIZON.
  • We will perform your tasks for you.
  • Web-courses
Remote support
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