Dorthe, Marianne og Søren

Who are We?

We are owned by the Opticians and suppliers in Denmark. We have existed since 1986. You can see more about our development through the years in the history menu.

As a company we aim to be a different workplace.

We aim to have a dynamic environment where we cooperate closely as a team as well as individually. Our employees must have great knowledge and skills individually and in teams.

We wish that the workplace should be rated by the customer service, Delivering of quality all the way around the company.

As well as being in front when it comes to innovation and the future about the OptikIT program. We can develop your business through OptikIT.

Briefly spoken, we have the complete solution for you business as a business partner.

Remote support
OptikIT A/S • Møllehaven 8 • DK-4040 Jyllinge • Phone +4546732519